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horsewhip n : a whip for controlling horses v : whip with a whip intended for horses [also: horsewhipping, horsewhipped]

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A portmanteau word from hors meaning horse + Middle low German and Middle Dutch wippen, meaning to move quickly, through Middle English hwippen or whippen. See fuller etymology for the latter at whip.


  1. A whip used on horses.


  1. To flog or lash somebody savagely with a horsewhip.
    • Anthony Trollope 1815 - 1888. The Prime Minister: 'He had told his wife that he would ask Fletcher to give up the borough, and that he would make that request with a horsewhip in his hand....But there were difficulties. A man is not horsewhipped simply because you wish to horsewhip him.'

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A horsewhip or horse whip is
  1. a (riding) crop
  2. a whip
  3. a quirt
  4. a tool used as an artificial riding aid
  5. in zoology, the English name for a snake species Oxybelis aeneus

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